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Top Gun News and Important Updates

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icon12/11/2018 - Classes Cancelled Due to Weather

Hello everyone,

I hope everyone is recovering from this Incredible snow storm. I just left the parking lot at Revolution this evening around 11:00pm. Revolution has paid to have the parking lot scraped. Unfortunately, the gravel section could not be scraped since it would destroy that area of the lot and require to have the gravel reapplied. The area available is just not able to accomodate more than a small amount of traffic and ice covers a large portion of the available space. We will be cancelling classes for Wednesday & Thursday in order for the conditions to improve (there is a large amount of snow and ice still there). We will allow all missed classes to be made up. In order to maximize the practice time before competition we will extend Saturday practices an additional 30 minutes for each team. I have listed the times below. I will also be posting this information in the BAND app for all-stars along with Pictures of the conditions of the gym parking. Thank you for your understanding, safety is our primary concern!


Rondon James

11:00-1:30 Junior 3

1:30-4:00 Junior 2

4:00-7:00 Senior 3 & 5 (Combined Practice Time)

icon10/28/2018 - Altered Practice Schedule

Attention Parents and All-Stars,

Practices this weekend were AMAZING!!! I am going to go ahead and plan on altering the schedule from now until December 1st.  I have listed below the Saturday Schedule.  I am moving the team times around just a bit.  We currently have 1/2 the Senior 5 team injured and unable to practice.  Until I have clearance for them to practice, I will be using the practice times as best as possible.  However, we will be moving some times around to accommodate other teams that need the additional time. 

Right now I can not stress how important it is that everyone attends ALL practices.  We will be following the attendance policy stated in our All-Star Information Packet.  If you have multiple weekend absences, you will need to contact me ASAP.   The only way our team will be ready and able to compete in December is if we have cooperation from everyone in the area of attendance.  We will not put teams on the floor in December who are not ready.

Our goal is to make this season an amazing one for everyone involved.  Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.  I am only trying to add extra time to help prepare our teams for this season.  I am adjusting the practice schedule spread sheet and posting it in BAND through Christmas Break.


Rondon James


Thursday November 1st 7:30-9:00  Junior 2 -(NO Senior 5 This Thursday)

Saturday November 3rd, 10th & 17th

Junior 3    11:00-1:00

Junior 2    1:30-3:30

Senior 3    3:30-5:30

Senior 5    5:30-7:30

icon08/27/2018 - Fall Class Schedule

Class Schedule


7:30-8:30 Cheer 3 Advanced

7:30-9:00 School Team Class 




4:00-5:30 School Team Class                                                    

5:00-5:55 Cheer 2 - Beginner                                                     

5:30-8:00 Senior All-Stars                                                          

6:00-7:00 Tiny All-Stars                                                              

6:00-7:30 Mini All-Stars                                                          

8:00-8:55 Cheer 3 Advanced & Elite 

8:00-9:00 Coed Stunts



4:00-5:30 School Team Class                                            

5:30-6:25 PreSchool Cheer 1 Beginner                                     

5:30-6:25 Cheer 2 Intermediate

6:30-7:30 Tiny Novice All-Stars

6:30-8:00 Mini Prep Level 1 All-Stars

7:30-9:00 School Team Class


Saturday (Begins September 15th)

10:00-10:55 Cheer 2 & Cheer 3

11:00-1:30 Junior Level 3  & Senior Level 5 All-Stars

1:30-4:00 Senior Level 3 & Junior Level 2 All-Stars


Flight School Thursday  TBA

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icon05/05/2008 - Shannon Nielsen in Bring It on 4!

Bring It On 4(In it to win it)!

Former Top Gun All-Star Shannon Nielsen who graduated from Science Hill High School and went on to cheer at the University of Central Florida is in the latest Bring it on movie!  She is one of the Prairie Dogs and can be seen several times during the championship scenes in the movie. Congratulations Shannon we are proud of you! There are more pictures of Shannon in the Photo Gallery!

icon09/25/2018 - Junior & Senior Practice Times

Practice times for Junior and Senior Team through New Years

Practice Times