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Top Gun News and Important Updates

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icon12/19/2019 - Holiday Practice Updates Juniors & Seniors

Practice Survey Updates:

Saturday December 21st

Junior 2 10:00-12:00

Senior 3.12:00-2:00

Senior 5 2:00-3:30

Junior 5 No Practice(will add additional )


Wednesday January 1st No Practice All Teams


Saturday January 4th

Junior 2:00 10:00-12:00

Senior 3 12:00-2:00

Senior 5 2:00-4:00

Junior 5 4:00-6:00


Merry Christmas!!

icon11/21/2019 - Updates through January

Happy Thanksgiving!


I hope each and everyone of you enjoy our Thanksgiving Break from November 26-December 1st.  Here are some updates for you to remember.


Sunday Practice November 24th

2:00-4:00 Junior 2

4:00-5:30 Junior 5

5:30-7:00 Senior 5


No Senior 3 Due to number of athletes missing.  


Tomcats, Kitty Hawks & Thunderbirds Uniforms

Uniforms for these teams have arrived and will be distributed at your next practice.  Some of the smaller sizes will have to be altered. the smallest size available was a YXS.  We will have altering info for you after break. We will also have rhinestones ordered asap and we will have parents begin stoning the uniforms first of December.



We will be distributing t-shirt and Jersey’s following Thanksgiving break.  Practice gear should arrive that week also and will be sorted and distributed ASAP!!  Only 1/2 of the jersey order arrived.  It is easier for us to distribute all at one time rather than having upset little ones because their order is not here.  Hats and orther corrections will be here to distribute that week also.



Please make every effort to attend all practices!   Attendance rule is in effect from October 20th Until first competition.  Excessive tardy time will accumulate and add to absences.  If your athlete is going to be absent please notify us ASAP so we can make arrangements to our plans for coaching that practice. 


Month Day Team Time

November Tuesday Thunderbirds 6:00-7:30


December  Week 1

December 3rd Tuesday Thunderbirds 6:00-7:30

December 4th Wednesday Raptors 5:45-7:15

December 4th Wednesday Ghostriders 6:30-7:45

December 4th Wednesday Black Knights 7:00-8:15

December 4th Wednesday Mavericks 7:00-8:15

December 5th Thursday Kitty Hawks 5:00-5:45

December 5th Thursday Tomcats 6:30-7:15


December 7th Saturday Raptors 10:00-12:00

December 7th Saturday Ghostriders 12:00-2:00

December 7th Saturday Black Knights 2:00-3:30

December 7th Saturday Mavericks 3:30-5:00


December Week 2 

December10th Tuesday Thunderbirds 6:00-7:30 

December 11th Wednesday Raptors 5:45-7:15

December 11th Wednesday Ghostriders 6:30-7:45

December 11th Wednesday Black Knights 7:00-8:15

December 11th Wednesday Mavericks 7:00-8:15

December 12th Thursday Kitty Hawks 5:00-5:45

December 12th Thursday Tomcats 6:30-7:15


December 14th Saturday Raptors 10:00-12:00

December 14th Saturday Ghostriders 12:00-2:00

December 14th Saturday Black Knights 2:00-3:30

December 14th Saturday Mavericks 3:30-5:00


December Week 3 

December 17th Tuesday Thunderbirds 6:00-7:30 

December 18th Wednesday Raptors 5:45-7:15

December 18th Wednesday Ghostriders 6:30-7:45

December 18th Wednesday Black Knights 7:00-8:15

December 18th Wednesday Mavericks 7:00-8:15

December 19th Thursday Kitty Hawks 5:00-5:45

December19th Thursday Tomcats 6:30-7:15


December 21st Saturday Raptors 10:00-12:00

December 21st Saturday Ghostriders 12:00-2:00

December 21st Saturday Black Knights 2:00-3:30

December 21st Saturday Mavericks 3:30-5:00


January Week 1 

January 4th Saturday Raptors 10:00-12:00

January 4th Saturday Ghostriders 12:00-2:00

January 4th Saturday Black Knights 2:00-3:30

January 4th Saturday Mavericks 3:30-5:00


January Week 2

January 7th Tuesday Thunderbirds 6:00-7:30 

January 8th Wednesday Raptors 5:45-7:15

January 8th Wednesday Ghostriders 6:30-7:45

January 8th Wednesday Black Knights 7:00-8:15

January 8th Wednesday Mavericks 7:00-8:15

January 9th Thursday Kitty Hawks 5:00-5:45

January 9th Thursday Tomcats 6:30-7:15


January 11th Saturday Raptors 10:00-12:00

January 11h Saturday Ghostriders 12:00-2:00

January 11th Saturday Black Knights 2:00-3:30

January 11th Saturday Mavericks 4:00-6:00


January Week 3

January 14th Tuesday Thunderbirds 6:00-7:30 

January 15th Wednesday Raptors 5:45-7:15

January 15th Wednesday Ghostriders 6:30-7:45

January 15th Wednesday Black Knights 7:00-8:15

January 15th Wednesday Mavericks 7:00-8:15

January 16th Thursday Kitty Hawks 5:00-5:45

January 16th Thursday Tomcats 6:30-7:15


January 18th Saturday Raptors 10:00-12:00

January 18h Saturday Ghostriders 12:00-2:00

January 18th Saturday Black Knights 2:00-3:30

January 18th Saturday Mavericks 4:00-6:00

January Week 4 Competition Week

January 21st Tuesday All-Teams 6:00-8:00


January 22nd Thursday Kitty Hawks 5:00-5:45

January 22nd Thursday Tomcats 5:00-5:45 

January 22nd Tuesday All-Teams 5:45-7:15

January 22nd Wednesday Raptors 5:45-7:15

January 22nd Wednesday Ghostriders 6:30-7:45

January 22nd Wednesday Black Knights 7:15-8:30

January 22nd Wednesday Mavericks 7:45-9:00


Mandatory Dress Rehearsal

January 23rd Thursday Kitty Hawks 6:30-7:15

January 23rd Thursday Tomcats 6:30-7:15

January 23rd Thursday Youth, Juniors 7 Seniors 7:00-9:00

icon10/03/2019 - Saturday Practice Update

Fall Break is in full swing!!!  This Saturday we will have Junior 2 & Senior 3.  

  • Junior 2 10:00-12:00
  • Senior 3 12:00-2:00

The Junior 5 & Senior 5 WILL NOT practice this Saturday.  

Also a reminder that there is NO SATURDAY PRACTICE on October 12t, 19th or 26.  We WILL Practice on Sunday October 27th.  We will have additional practices coming up after Fall Breaks conclude!

icon09/04/2019 - Jr & Sr Uniform Reminder

Just a reminder the next practice for Junior 2, Junior 5, Senior 3 & Senior 5 is Saturday.  

  • No practice Wednesday due to youth choreography.  
  • Senior 5 will have choreography Thursday 7-9.  
  • All tumbling classes will meet as normal this evening.  
  • Finally, Junior 2, Senior 3 Junior 5 & Senior 5 who need to be fitted for uniforms that is tonight at 6:00pm.  



icon09/03/2019 - Fall Update All-Stars

Practice Begins

Reminder fall practice begins next week for all teams and this Saturday for the Junior & Senior teams.   A complete list of practice times is available on the website on the NEWS PAGE on the July 25th Update. 

  • Please review times Junior and Senior have a Sunday practice the 15th.
  • Reminder Choreography finishes up this week for most teams! 


Orders Update

Online Action order should be arriving in approximately 3-4 weeks.  Please notify the staff if this order is for Christmas or a surprise ASAP!


Jersey & T-shirt order will be put up in band so you can approve names on the back of Jerseys and orders on Wednesday. 

  • Order will be finalized and placed Thursday and should take approximately 3-4 weeks.


Practice Gearsizers have been shipped today we will verify sizes at the next practice and then place the order on Friday September 13th with corrected information.


Uniform Sizingyouth and tiny all-stars will be sized next week at practice.  Junior & Senior All-Stars will be sized this Wednesday at 6:00pm September 4th.


Tumbling Classes

It is important that all athletes are enrolled in a tumbling class.  Any student not enrolled in a class will NOTbe allowed to take that class.  Just showing up for a class is NO LONGERan option.  All additional times must be scheduled through the staff.  Furthermore, anyone who is 15 minutes late or more WILL NOT BE ALLOWEDto participate in that class.


Hawaii Parent Meetings

We will have a brief parent meeting after each practice the week of September 10-12 regaurding the possibility of competing in Hawaii this season.


Thank you,


Rondon James

icon08/27/2019 - Fall Classes Quick View

Top Gun Fall Tumbling Times




Pre-School & Beginner Tumbling

Thursday 5:30 FULL



Intermediate Tumbling

Tuesday 4:30pm FULL

Tuesday 5:00pm

Thursday 7:00pm FULL

Saturday 9:00am



Advanced Tumbling

Tuesday 8:00pm

Wednesday 5:00pm FULL

Wednesday 8:00pm FULL

Thursday 8:00pm

Saturday 9:00am

icon08/15/2019 - Summer Wrap Up

Well summer is officially coming to a close and we are in the final weeks of our summer schedule.  Most if not all of you are now back in school.  Here is some information for you to review to help close out the summer and prepare for our competitive season.  Practice schedules this month are a little CRAZY!! I am fully aware that some teams are only practicing 1 this month plus choreography.  Never fear you will get plenty of extra time in the upcoming months.  In order to get choreography scheduled with all teams we have had to alter the months normal times.  Please refer to your 7/25/19 email with choreography times.  If you can not find this email it is in BAND, Facebook and the Website.  




Junior 5 Choreography has been moved, We will begin Choreography for JR 5 on Saturday September 7th during their normal practice time.  Junior 5 will NOT be doing choreography on Thursday August 22 & 29th do to HUGE numbers of conflicts.  They will however have a stunt practice on Wednesday August 28th from 6:00-8:00.

Account Balances must be current by Monday August 19th.  Any account with an outstanding balance will not be eligible to participate in choreography or classes.   This DOES NOT include allstars who joined the program late and have worked out payment arrangements with the office.

Practice Gear: There has been some confusion on the number of practice gear sets each allstar is to receive.  Elite all-stars WILL RECEIVE 2 Sets.  Novice & Prep Athletes WILL RECEIVE 1 Set.  If you wish to order an additional set this must be placed by: August 8/26/19

Jersey & Team T-Shirts: Ordering Deadline 8/26/19

Additional Tumbling Times: Intermediate :Beginning Thursday September 5th & Saturday September 7th Thursday 7:00-8:00  Combo: Intermediate & Advanced: Saturday 9:00am. Ww will have additional classes added as our school teams end their season end of September & October.

Choreography Attire: Please DRESS IN ALL BLACK FOR CHOREOGRAPHY!!!

See you Soon, 




Rondon James

icon08/06/2019 - Back to School Update

Welcome back to school All-Stars!  If you have not started school yet most everyone will be back in session next week.  I hope everyone is excited about this school year and competition season.  School is starting that means we should have everyone getting back to practice and preparing for choreography in the upcoming weeks.  I am finishing up my last few choreography camps and preparing for our season as we speak.  Here are some important updates we did not touch on in the last email update.


Fall Schedule


Our Fall schedule will begin following Labor Day.  We will be adding some additional classes for you and we will have that schedule out to you by the first of next week. Here are some of the classes we will be adding.


Additional Tumbling classes for: Intermediate and Advanced

Stunt Shop

Flyer Flexibility (Mandatory for all Flyers once routines are set)


Practice Gear


Global Cheer is once again producing our practice gear and team t-shirts.  We will be placing practice gear orders shortly.  You will need to pick up a copy of the sizing chart next all-star practice and confirm what sizes we need to order for you.  Also you will need to specify if you are wishing to order additional all-star practice gear.  We will also be placing orders for team t-shirts and Jerseys at the same time.  If you are wishing to order the current jersey which is red and black you may do so.  Team t-shirts will have all team names listed on the back of each shirt along with the level.  The front of the shirt will have a Top Gun design by Global to help us represent our program strong.  Prices are listed below for these items and must be purchased in advance.


Short Sleeve T-Shirts $20.00

Long Sleeve t-Shirts $25.00

Jersey’s $52.00

Additional Practice Gear $45.00


Delinquent Accounts


Now that summer is winding down it is time to get down to business with choreography and practice. Several athletes have chronic delinquent accounts.  These accounts need to be paid immediately in order for these athletes to be eligible to participate in class & all-star practice.  No athlete with a chronic delinquent account will be eligible for Choreography, Stunt day or to participate in Private Lessons.  Furthermore, any and all athletes must maintain a good standing with your account to be eligible for a private lesson with any of our instructors.  If you have an account balance you need to clear up please see Kristen ASAP!


ProShop Online


Many of you did not make the deadline for orders with the online pro shop.   I have contacted Action Athletics and extended the deadline to Monday August 12th.  All orders will be placed and cut off at this time.  If you have not looked at the site and are interested in placing an order please do so immediately.


Thank you and #TG4L,

Rondon James

icon07/26/2019 - All-Star Update

August Practice Dates

August 7th    

Senior 3, Junior 2,    6:00-8:00

August 13th & 27th

Youth Prep 1        6:00-7:30

August 14th

Junior & Senior 5

August 8th & 22

Tiny Novice & Tiny Exhibition    


Uniform Fitting Date

Wednesday August 28th 6:00pm

Junior & Senior Teams Only


Youth Prep

August 27th


Tiny teams

August 22nd



Choreography Dates

Senior 3

August 20th    5:30-7:30

August 21st    5:30-8:15


Junior 5

August 22nd    7:00-9:00

August 29th    6:30-9:00


Junior 2

August 27th    5:30-7:30

August 28th    5:30-8:15


Youth Prep 1

September 3    5:30-7:30

September 4    5:30-8:15


Senior 5

September 5    7:15-9:00

September 12    7:15-9:00


Tiny Novice & Tiny Exhibition (During practice time)

August 8th, 22nd

September 5,12,19,26    





Junior & Senior Fall Practice Times (Begins in Sept.)



Junior 2    5:45-7:15

Senior 3    6:30-7:45

Junior 5    7:00-8:15

 Senior 5  7:00-8:15


Junior 2    10:00-12:00

Senior 3    12:00-2:00

Junior 5    2:00-4:00

Senior 5    3:00-5:00


Sunday (Alternate)

Junior 2    2:00-4:00

Senior 3    4:00-6:00

Junior 5    6:00-8:00

Senior 5    7:00-9:00



Practice Days Fall


Youth Prep 1

September 10, 17, 24

October 8,15,22,29

November 5,12,19,26

December 3,10,17


Tiny Novice & Exhibition

September 12,19,26

October 10,17,24

November 7,14,21






Junior 2, Senior 3, Junior 5 & Senior 5


Wednesday    11,18, 25

Saturday    7, 21,28

Sunday    15



Wednesday    2,9,16,23,30

Saturday    5,

Sunday    27


Wednesday    6,13,20

Saturday    2,16

Sunday    10, 24



Wednesday    4,11,18

Saturday     7, 14


Breaks Gym Closed


Fall Break        12th & 19th


Thanksgiving Break    27-Dec1st


Christmas Break    20-Jan 3rd

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