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Top Gun News and Important Updates

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icon01/21/2019 - Competition Week

Here is the Schedule for competition week again.  There have been a few adjustments due to Tuesday night ballgames. Reminder DO NOT ATTEND TUMBLING CLASSSES THIS WEEK!


7:00-8:00 Kitty Hawks (Tinies), Thunderbirds (Mini Prep)

7:00-9:00 Raptors (Junior 2), Flying Aces (Junior 3)


5:15-6:15 Flying Aces (Junior 3)

6:00-7:00 Black Knights (Senior 5)

6:45-7:45 Raptors (Junior 2)

7:30-8:30 Black Angels (Senior 3)

7:30-8:30 Black Knights (Senior 5)



6:30-7:30 Kitty Hawks (Tinies), Thunderbirds (Mini Prep) 

7:00-9:00 Raptors (Junior 2), Flying Aces (Junior 3), Black Angels (Senior 3), Black Knights (Senior 5)

Dress Rehearsal Performance Times- Will be Streamed LIVE on FACEBOOK. Link will be posted Thursday.

7:30 Kitty Hawks  

7:35 Thunderbirds

8:30 Flying Aces (Junior 3)

8:35 Black Knights (Senior 5)

8:40 Raptors (Junior 2)

8:45 Black Angels (Senior 3)

It's Competition week!!



Rondon James

icon08/27/2018 - Fall Class Schedule

Class Schedule


7:30-8:30 Cheer 3 Advanced

7:30-9:00 School Team Class 




4:00-5:30 School Team Class                                                    

5:00-5:55 Cheer 2 - Beginner                                                     

5:30-8:00 Senior All-Stars                                                          

6:00-7:00 Tiny All-Stars                                                              

6:00-7:30 Mini All-Stars                                                          

8:00-8:55 Cheer 3 Advanced & Elite 

8:00-9:00 Coed Stunts



4:00-5:30 School Team Class                                            

5:30-6:25 PreSchool Cheer 1 Beginner                                     

5:30-6:25 Cheer 2 Intermediate

6:30-7:30 Tiny Novice All-Stars

6:30-8:00 Mini Prep Level 1 All-Stars

7:30-9:00 School Team Class


Saturday (Begins September 15th)

10:00-10:55 Cheer 2 & Cheer 3

11:00-1:30 Junior Level 3  & Senior Level 5 All-Stars

1:30-4:00 Senior Level 3 & Junior Level 2 All-Stars


Flight School Thursday  TBA

  Now Registering-Email

Please register for classes by clicking on the SNAP button on top of screen.

icon05/05/2008 - Shannon Nielsen in Bring It on 4!

Bring It On 4(In it to win it)!

Former Top Gun All-Star Shannon Nielsen who graduated from Science Hill High School and went on to cheer at the University of Central Florida is in the latest Bring it on movie!  She is one of the Prairie Dogs and can be seen several times during the championship scenes in the movie. Congratulations Shannon we are proud of you! There are more pictures of Shannon in the Photo Gallery!