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General Info.

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Top Gun is "Now" located in Church Hill, TN.

Top Gun is divided into three main areas. These areas are: the main gym, tumble gym and preschool gym. The front area has weight and conditiong gym, pro shop, locker room, parent obervation room, party room.

Main Gym

  • 52 x 48 competition spring floor
  • 50 feet of mirrors
  • Concert quality Peavey stereo system,
  • Many skill and fun shape mats.

Tumble Gym:

6 x 52 rod floor

  • 30 foot tumble track
  • Capet Bonded floor tumble strip
  • 2 spotting rigs with flipping and twisting belts  
  • Above ground resi pit systems
  • Many skill and fun shape mats. 

Preschool Gym :

  • 40 x 40 carpet bonded cheer floor
  • Seperate concert quality stereo system
  • Many skill and fun shape mats